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Web, in detail.

I couldn’t be happier with the website Alisha of Brand Artisan Creative designed for me. From the very first consultation I felt confident in Alisha’s style and understanding of what I wanted. At no point did I feel overwhelmed by technical jargon, every discussion was met with kindness and I was made to feel valued. Alisha made a real effort to help me understand back workings of SEO and how to increase my ranks on google as well as using a simple platform from which I now easily update my website from home.
— Jessie Dallimore, MUA

You, Me & Web

If you're thinking about getting a website for yourself or your business, I'm sure that you've done a bit of research already!  You know that you definitely need it to be mobile friendly and social media integrated but there are some other important questions to consider:

  • What kind of site are you after?
  • Is it an information site, your online portfolio or an eCommerce site with lots of functionality?
  • Are you wanting a site that you have autonomy of or are you wanting ongoing administration of it?

Offering beautifully designed websites.

Naturally integrated to popular social media platforms.

Easy to use and powerful eCommerce sites for retailers.

Dynamic CMS allowing complete autonomy.

All of our sites are responsive and mobile friendly.

Great for blogging and exhibiting collections or galleries.

Professional online presence for the service industry.

Excellent for creatives needing to display their portfolios.



Decisions, Decisions

Another of the considerations you may have is wether you should design your own site on one of the great platforms which are now available or shall get it built from scratch?  Let's see if I can help you here with a little outline of some pros and cons of both: 


  • Existing technology is always updating which keeps development costs right down.
  • There is a wealth of technical support available as there are hundreds of thousands of business using these platforms, always pushing for more functionality and ironing out user glitches.
  • Costs are flexible and inexpensive, offering monthly or annual payments with no notice required for switching users or switching off your site.
  • There are loads of amazing apps that are also in a state of constant progression that you can plug in for added functionality.
  • Templates or themes are fantastic now-days and really help keeping the costs right down and speed the overall process up significantly.
  • The CMS (content management system) is often incredibly easy to use and dynamic.
  • There is a level of basic SEO which is automated and an absolute synch to improve on.
  • There are limitations of course, in functionality and design but if you are aware of the boundaries, it is easy to get something super out of it.
  • Platforms that Brand Artisan use are Shopify and Squarespace predominantly and a few others! (Magento very very soon)


Custom Build

  • Brand Artisan Creative has been involved in the web design of many custom build sites and loved working in collaboration with developers.
  • There are multiple people with a range of expertise needed for a custom build website. This is both a good and a negative in your consideration. 
  • It does mean your costs can escalate quickly but with the right team you will get just exactly what your business needs!
  • Time constraints will need to be realistic as these projects are not for the faint hearted.
  • This is an excellent solution if you have an larger/established business with clearly defined needs and a budget to facilitate the extent of the project.
  • One of the most important elements of a site from the clients point of view is the CMS (content management system). This allows you to have control over the 'behind the scenes' of your site. For example - reporting, database management, changing content, loading images, blogging and processing orders.
  • The building of this can be costly and also link you into a long term relationship with you developer.
  • SEO often requires an allocated member of the team to set up and then it is likely that the client will need a bit of training on managing it themselves (not a bad thing to do!) and might need regular administration.
  • It is a fragmented process but again, the right team makes it a breeze. Do contact me if this is something you are considering and I can put you in touch with some of Devon's finest!