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See your ideas spring to life with our 6 easy steps to design bliss. We'll start with meeting up and speaking casually about you desires and objectives to come up with the best strategy to move forward together. After this Alisha will develop a proposal including the project plan, timeline and budget. The design process begins, the first draft is delivered. After some tweaks and changes we aim to deliver the final product. The agreed payment arrangement is then concluded soon after.

Watch ideas spring to life, wether its a fresh logo, marketing collateral, packaging for a product range or a shiny new website. We aim to offer clean, modern, hugely functional, easy to use and visually yummy design. Not just beauty but brains too, all digital comes with a crash course in how to Do-It-Yourself, so that you have full autonomy over your flashy new kit. Including: Social Media, SEO Introduction, Web Platform Training, Communication Platforms such as MailChimp. Here is how:


Understanding your needs.

3. PlanNing 

Set realistic times lines & best budget.

5. Completion

Seeing the end product is the best bit!


Taking all of the details into account.

4. Design

Aiming for the perfect design solution.

6. Payment

As agreed or on project completion.