Brand Artisan


Graphic Design

Being a particular person, I don’t hand over projects to people without conducting a thorough briefing. Alisha of Brand Artisan Co. is an anomaly - she just gets it. An awesome asset to the business & an awesome lady.
— Steph Woolvett, Staverton Bridge Nursery

Design is in the Detail

Creating a cohesive brand identity is one of the most effective ways of establishing a memorable experience and affiliation with your desired target market. It is also one of the most important investments you can make towards your business' success. 

Wether you are starting form square one and needing the all important logo, redesigning marketing assets or creating continuity from your products through to your website and social media presence - good design is the precursor to representing and defining your brand and securing the all important position it in the minds of your desired audience.

Bespoke branding which is divine by design, creative and unique.

Responsive digital design, simply clean and always modern.

Creative approach to all projects and business models.

Carefully crafted packaging, naturally ethical and cost effective.

Memorable, sophisticated, and practical stationery.

Professional marketing literature and sales assets.