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Lucky me! Lovely Clients


Rachel Hoile Photography

When I first met Alisha of Brand Artisan Co. I knew it was love at first sight. We work together often and can not mention how amazing she is enough. Amazing. Love her. Marry her. Lunch on me for life. 

- Rach, Rachel Hoile Photography

Staverton Bridge Nursery

I've been so busy lately but have promised to send this, 2 days ago. Cake on the house Alisha, for always. For real.

- Steph, Staverton Bridge Nursery

Jessie Harries Make-up Artist

I couldn't be happier with the website Alisha of Brand Artisan Co. designed for me. From the very first consultation I felt confident in Alisha's style and understanding of what I wanted. At no point did I feel overwhelmed by technical jargon, every discussion was met with kindness and I was made to feel valued. Alisha made a real effort to help me understand back workings of SEO and how to increase my ranks on google as well as using a simple platform from which I now easily update my website from home. 

- Jessie, Jessie Harries MUA


I would highly recommend Brand Artisan Co. to anyone looking for brand design or web building, not only does Alisha have a modern, artistic approach to design work, she's also a very lovely lady and takes the fear out of the technical aspect of web building.

- Jessie, Jessie Harries MUA

Female executive at work with colleagues


Alisha of Brand Artisan Co. is heaven sent. When she started working for us our goal was to take the company to the next level and have more of a professional image.  Alisha helped us to do that through the redesign of our branding, literature and website.  She believed in our vision and her input was very positive. We are absolutely delighted with the work she has done and continues to do for us.

- Emma, The Institute of Legal Secretaries and Pas

Pippi & Me

Alisha of Brand Artisan Co. has been (and is) brilliant for me and my little business. She is great at understanding what I would like and making this happen.
Alisha has a great eye, lovely quirky humour and seem to be able to do anything from email signatures to whole websites!! 

- Jeannett, Pippi & Me


VERY pleased with the branding and logo design produced for us.  We just told Alisha the who, why and what we are at and what she produced for us hit the nail on the head!  Thoroughly recommended.

- John, BritLegal